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CTIS Occasional Papers

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CTIS Occasional Papers aims to publish high-quality research reports and working papers written by guest speakers at CTIS seminars and other scholars connected to CTIS.

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CTIS Occasional Papers, General Editor: Dr. Maeve Olohan

Copies of CTIS Occasional Papers Vols 1 to 6 are available for purchase @ £8 (Sterling) per copy, plus postage and packing as follows:

£1 per copy within the UK, £2 per copy within Europe, £3 for all other locations.

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Volume 6 - 2010

Edited by Ahmed Saleh Elimam and Vicki Flippance

ISBN: 0-9540829-5-8
ISSN: 1474-578X

Ahmed Elimam and Vicki Flippance

Margherita Dore
Manipulation of Humorous Culture-Specific Allusions in AVT

Antonio Gualardia
Puns and Wordplay in George Friel's Mr Alfred M.A.

Daniela Almansi
Gate-Keeping and Gate-Crashing in Nonsense and Translation. The Case of fiddle-de-dee: Do You Know Languages?

Geraldine Brodie
The House of Bernarda Alba: Translation as Political Metaphor

Erik Skuggevik
Shifting the Frame: Symbiotic Translation and Multimodal Texts

Volume 5 - 2010

Edited by Ahmed Saleh Elimam and Vicki Flippance

ISBN: 0-9540829-4-X
ISSN: 1474-578X

Ahmed Elimam and Vicki Flippance

Guixia (Rosie) Xie
Preservation of the Other's Mind-Style in Literary Translation: A Case Analysis

Silvia Monti
Screen Translation as Gateway and Gate-Keeping in Ae Fond Kiss

Wenjing Li
Identities of the Translator: The Chinese Translation/Rewriting of Saving Fish from Drowning

Mascha Dabic
The Role of the Interpreter in Intercultural Psychotherapy

Vera Sophie Ahamer
Migrant Children as Interpreters

Volume 4 - 2009

Edited by Matthew Maltby

ISSN: 1474-578X

Jean Boase-Beier
Translating the Eye of the Poem

Lincoln Fernandes
A Portal into the Unknown: Designing, Building, and Processing a Parallel Corpus

Clive Scott
From Linearity to Tabularity: Translating Modes of Reading

Rebecca Tipton
The Simultaneous Interpreter and the Self: What Role for Reflective Practice?

Cecilia Wadensjö
Clinton's Laughter: On Translation and Communication in TV News

Zhao Wenjing
Ibsenism and the Image of Ibsen in China

Volume 3 - 2006

Edited and Introduced by Sameh Fekry Hanna

ISBN: 0-9540829-2-3
ISSN: 1474-578X

Sameh Fekry Hanna

Carol Maier
The Translator as Theôros: Thoughts on Cogitation, Figuration, and Current Creative Writing

J Michael Walton
The Line or the Gag: Translating Classical Comedy

Charles Burnett
Humanism and Orientalism in the Translations from Arabic into Latin in the Middle Ages

Francesca Billiani
Identity and Otherness: Translation Policies in Fascist Italy

Dimitris Asimakoulas
Translation as a Means of Resistance: Paratexts in Translations of Brecht's Works during the Greek Junta (1967-1974)

Volume 2 - 2002

Edited by Keith Harvey

ISBN: 0-9540829-0-7
ISSN: 1474-578X

Edwin Gentzler
What's Different about Translation in the Americas?

Peter Bush
The Act of Translation: The Case of Juan Goytisolo's A Cock-Eyed Comedy

Michaela Wolf
Translation Activity between Culture, Society and the Individual: Towards a Sociology of Translation

Clive Scott
Translating Rimbaud's 'Départ': From Concrete to Futurist

Wenguo Pan
Singular or Plural? A Case Study of the Difficulty and Charm in Rendering Chinese Poems into English

Dimitris Asimakoulas
Subtitling Humour and the Humour of Subtitling

Sara Laviosa
Europe in the Making in Translational and non-Translational English

Christina Schäffner
Translation, Politics, Ideology

Volume 1 - 2001

Edited by Maeve Olohan

ISBN: 0-9540829-1-5
ISSN: 1474-578X

Mona Baker
The Pragmatics of Cross-Cultural Contact and Some False Dichotomies in Translation Studies

Stefan Baumgarten
Uncovering Ideology in Translation: A Socio-Historical and Linguistic Investigation into Hitler's Mein Kampf

Charlotte Bosseaux
A Study of the Translator's Voice and Style in the French Translations of Virginia Woolf's The Waves

Anthony Pym
On the Translatability of Australian Aboriginal Myth

Yukino Semizu
Invisible Translation: Translation from Chinese in Ancient Japan

Robin Setton
Translation Studies and Cognitive Science: Do We Need Each Other?

Sherry Simon
Tensions and Temptations: Women Translating the Literature of Exile