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MA in Cultures of Migration, diaspora and exile: Pathway under MA European Languages and Cultures


Dr Encarnación Gutiérrez-Rodríguez (email: e.gutierrez@manchester.ac.uk)
Professor Margaret Littler (email: margaret.littler@manchester.ac.uk)

This MA provides students with a first degree in a modern European language or languages or in a related humanities discipline, with an in-depth knowledge of the culture, literature and cultural history arising from the historical and social processes of collective population movement and individual displacement. Some options explore economic migration experiences, exile writing, travel literature, or diaspora and refugee displacement through war and violence. These thematic issues are approached through a range of historically and regionally specific examples of migrant or diaspora culture (eg Islam in Spain, Turkish writers in Germany, Mexico and the USA, Portuguese Africa, Jewish culture in Germany), by way of focusing on a common core of theoretical concerns. These will include: language and identity, race and hybridity, the impact of globalisation and transnationalism, the gendered construction of nationhood, the significance of cultural memory and effects of trauma and shifting definitions of imagined community as mediated by culture. The MA also provides a thorough grounding in critical theoretical approaches to literary and cultural studies, and makes students conversant with the methods of scholarly research in the humanities and with the resources necessary for that research.

NB: Some optional courses are offered via English translation, allowing for cross-cultural comparison, though progression to a research degree in any given culture would presuppose the relevant second language skills.

Optional course units include:

Code(s) Title Credits
ELAN 60141/ELAN 60142 Turkish Women's Writing in German: Emine Sevgi Özdamar 15
ELAN 60262 Trauma and Memory in 20th Century French Life Writing 15
ELAN 60300 Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary French Cinema 30
ELAN 60312 Jewish Culture in the German Speaking context 15
ELAN 60361 Border Crossings: Comparative Cultures of Diaspora
ELAN 60401 Sex, Lies and Rhetorics: The Book of Celestina 15
ELAN 60451 Writing Diaspora/Imagining Nation: Portuguese Migrant Literature 15
ELAN 60462 In and Out of Africa: Portuguese Post/colonial Writing
ELAN 60482 African Women's Writing in Portuguese
ELAN 60711 In or Out? Inclusion and Exclusion on Old French Narrative 15
ELAN 60991 Issues and Approaches in Transcultural Studies: Society, Culture and Postcoloniality 15
ELAN 61102 Spanish American Literature 30
ELAN 70171 New German Identities: Turkish-German Culture 30
ENGL 60591 Colonial Discourse and Postcolonial Theory
HIST 60311 Colonial and Postcolonial Experiences: Theory and Historiography
MEST 70102 Time, Language and the Other in Modern Jewish Philosophy 30
RELT 60151 The 'Jewish Question' in Modern Europe