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ARCHER: A Representative Corpus of Historical English Registers

This is a legacy site which has not been updated since summer 2012. Please visit the new ARCHER website via the link below:


ARCHER is a multi-genre corpus of British and American English covering the period 1650-1999, first constructed by Douglas Biber and Edward Finegan in the 1990s. It is now in in-house use and managed as an ongoing project by a consortium of participants at fourteen universities in seven countries.

Versions of ARCHER

A number of slightly different versions have been widely used for research on the history of English, up to ARCHER 2 of 2004-5. The current version is known as ARCHER 3.1 and was completed in summer 2006. For a list of recent publications that have made use of ARCHER at one of the participating departments, click here.

Since 2008 there has been a new phase of correction, expansion and tagging, known as ARCHER 3.2, due for completion late summer 2012. ARCHER 3.2 is being coordinated from Manchester.