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Germanic possessive -s : an empirical, historical and theoretical study

Conference presentations

Scott, Alan, David Denison & Kersti Börjars. 2007. Is the English possessive 's truly a right edge phenomenon?  The Second International Conference on the Linguistics of Contemporary English (ICLCE2), University of Toulouse-le Mirail, 2 July 2007. (handout)

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Harries, Pauline. 2008. The Faeroese sa(r) and the s-possessive. 23rd Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics, Uppsala University, 1-3 October 2008.

Denison, David, Alan Scott & Kersti Börjars. 2008. What's wrong with possessive 's? ISLE1, University of Freiburg, 8-11 October 2008. (presentation)

Scott, Alan, Kersti Börjars & David Denison. 2009. The development of possessive expressions in the Germanic languages. 19ICHL, Radboud University Nijmegen, 10-14 August 2009. (presentation)

Börjars, Kersti, David Denison & Grzegorz Krajewski. 2011. Poss-s vs poss-of revisited. ISLE2, Boston University, workshop on Genitive variation in English, 18 June 2011. (presentation)



Börjars, Kersti & Pauline Harries. 2008. The clitic-affix distinction, historical change, and Scandinavian bound definiteness marking. Journal of Germanic Linguistics 20, 289-350.

Denison, David, Alan Scott & Kersti Börjars. 2010. The real distribution of the English "group genitive". Studies in Language 34, 532-64

Scott, Alan, Kersti Börjars & David Denison. under revision. The development of possessive constructions in the Germanic languages.

Börjars, Kersti, David Denison & Alan Scott. to appear. Expression of possession:  Structural factors. In Börjars, Denison & Scott (eds.).



Börjars, Kersti, David Denison & Alan Scott (eds.). completed. Morphosyntactic categories and the expression of possession. Amsterdam and Philadelphia PA: John Benjamins.



The database of English and Swedish possessive NPs built up by the project is now available on this site in an online version (programmed by Christopher White) for other researchers to use, with full search, sort, context view and download facilities. It can also be supplied in the form of a FileMaker Pro 8 database on application to David Denison. A version in non-proprietary format is under preparation and will be made available for download from the Manchester Institutional Repository and OTA.


Last updated 24 June 2011